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                      sales and incentives promotions.

Selection of Products from the core Range

1,000's of products to select from our finely tuned core product range. Create an item packed catalogue for your customers in minutes. Available with images and in multiple languages.

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Take control of your incentive programmes with your own customisable impro administration centre. Multiple users will be able to create, save and export your catalogues in seconds.

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Selection of Products from the core Range

Take customisation to the next level with your very own site dedicated to a catalogue of products you have created. Assign your own point values and let your customers browse and choose online.

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What can impro do you for you
  • Create and manage catalogues of products via our easy to use system.
  • Skin your own microsites for use in your schemes.
  • Style your own administration area with your logo.
  • Export your catalogues in PDF, CSV, ZIP and excel format.
  • Have real time feeds via our web services.
  • Manage your account with additional users and functionality.
  • Have total access to our team and range of core products.
  • Multiple language options on nearly 3/4 of our products.
  • Access to our complete set of images for displaying your products.